Review of 1 episode of Season 7 “Games of Thrones”

game of thrones

Well, fans of the “Game of Thrones“, waited for the main event for you this year’s teleseason? Seventh season, probably the most popular television series, started. And, I want to note, the first series was quite informative. Well, in terms of quite accurately marked the main characters and the main plot lines of the season. What did you show us in the string?

If you have not watched this series yet and are going to do it later, immediately close this page and do not read further – this post will be for you a continuous spoiler

Well, for the rest – we’ll start

season 7 of game of thrones

If you do not pay attention to the intro of the Television Show, which is that the type of slicing the most important moments of past seasons apparently necessary for understanding what we will be shown in this (that can be downloaded from TellySeries.Me site) , the season begins with the beheading of Gemini – Arya did not stop the murder of Walder Frey, the free multifaceted sent the entire elite of the lord Crossings

Bran and Mira get to the Wall, where they rejoice Sad Ed because the Walkers follow them, the composition of which was strengthened by giants (I do not remember whether they were in the walkers in previous seasons)

John Snow, proclaimed King of the North, gathers an army to protect himself from the Walkers and calls on everyone to look for dragon glass (the only material other than Valerian steel deficiency that can kill the Walkers). Well, there is a noticeable conflict between John and Sansa (to the pleasure of Mizinets)

Cersei is looking for allies to fight with all who do not want to become her banner. And finds them in the face of Euron Greyjoy with his armada

In the Royal Harbor, Arya goes (guess for what)

Tv show game of thrones

The dog Kligan (becoming more and more positive from season to season) and the Brotherhood without Banners go to the side of the Wall, seeing this as their destination.

Sam finds infu about the deposits of dragon glass (where would you think?) On the Dragonstone (as unexpectedly!). And he’s going to inform John about it.

That’s just exactly where it arrives on the ships of the rebellious Greyjoys Deeneris Targarien with their Dothraki and flawless (with the support of heavy aviation)

Well, in principle, that’s all. Judging by the fact that this season is shorter than the previous ones, the action and action will not wait long

Well, what will we see in the second series. This can be assumed by analyzing the promo at the end

Arya will meet her beloved dog Nemyria (a good union is planned – an adult falcon and a ruthless Faceless). John is going to the Deyneris for obsidian, leaving Sanza alone with Little Pink. Cersei compares the same Deyneris to the Mad King, telling her few supporters that she is capable of destroying the kingdom. On the military council of the Mother of Dragons, Yar demands an immediate attack on the Royal Harbor. So the sea battle between Greyjoys is not far off

My choice of the most ambiguous films at the Cannes film festival


Putting the drama “Mustang”, directed by Deniz gamze Erguven made his first English-language project, which may be in competition. In the spring of 1991, four police officers beat a black taxi driver. The court was long, but in the end the cops were acquitted, which caused riots on the streets of Los Angeles. Daniel Craig played one of the few white residents of South Central, to help a black woman (Halle berry) to save a group of children.

Mektoub is Mektoub

After the triumph of the drama “Life Adele” Abdelatif Keshish long time pondering about the next project, but eventually settled on the story of the writer Amin. He comes from Paris to his hometown on the coast, where he spent time with childhood friends. One of my friends introduces amine with a producer who is ready to Finance his first picture. But by this time, the hero manages to make mistakes and faces a difficult choice.


Wonderstruck movie picture
1927. Deaf girl goes in search of his idol, the actress Lillian Mayhew. 50 years later, the boy runs away to new York to find the father. These seemingly unrelated stories tells in his multi-page book, Brian Selznick. His work with Martin Scorsese shot “Hugo”. The film stars Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore, and according to the book a secret, there must be mind-blowing visuals. Director Todd Haynes, whose “Carol” was shown in Cannes two years ago.

Mary Shelley

Director Haifa al-Mansur originally from Saudi Arabia, where she shot her first feature film “Wadjda” — a touching story about a girl dreaming of a green Bicycle. The West is always interested in fresh blood, and al-Mansur took a drama about the writer Mary Shelley (El fanning), who falls in love with a poet and wrote a story about a brilliant scientist and created a monster.


A variation on the theme “the girl and the beast” from Korean PON Joon-Ho, known for the film “Through the snow”, “Mother” and “Invasion of a dinosaur”. Mi-ja lives in the mountains. Her best friend Occa, huge and shy animal. But when he is kidnapped Mi-ja embarks on a quest. The film stars Ahn So-Hyun, Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul dano and Lily Collins.

The Square

In 2014 Lenta “Force majeure” has inflicted on the world art map new name: Ruben Östlund. A film about avalanches received the prize of the jury of UN certain regard, so that a Swede can be expected in the main competition. “Area” is the debut Estlund in the English-language movie. Artist wall space in the square of a European city, so people could share common interests. That installation was successful, hired professionals, but as a result of their work to the area involved is another consideration. The film employed Dominic West and Elizabeth moss.

TV series 2016

The series Blood Drive is designed for motorists and simply those who admire speed. It will tell you about one of the police officers from Los Angeles who decides to take part in a deadly race on a car. Speedway lies across the continent. Competition is very large and decent. There are a lot of old-timers who have already had an occasion to take part in such races. Syfy channel has decided not to produce a pilot series and not expect statistics on the popularity, and it is right, because the series Blood Drive has already attracted a fairly attention and interest from the viewers.

Westworld is an incredibly exciting fantasy series, the producers of which are Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. It is a modern remake of the eponymous film “Western world”, authored by Michael Crichton in far 1973.
Events are taking place in the future in a strange and mysterious amusement park. The essence of this park is that every visitor can go to any of the selected times and to be there without endangering one’s own life. The main characters have decided to enjoy all the delights of the Wild West. As practice shows, the machine can break. The computer program malfunctioned and everything went out of control, robots are attacking the peaceful visitors who were trapped. Will they be able to escape from the terrible attraction alive? You will certainly be able to find the answer by watching the series “Westworld”.

The Walking Dead Season 7

The-Walking-Dead-Season-7-croppedIn “The Walking Dead” season 7 former constabulary Rick Grimes awakened in a brand new world, where zombies walk in the streets of his town. A man succeeded not only in finding his family but in gathering the whole group of survivors. Together they fight against monsters and try to get alive for the next day. The whole world is in panic and despairation. Some of the people manage to restrain their fear and to continue their way. The others give up and become zombie captives. An infection spreads through blood, one bite is enough for being infected very rapidly. And nobody answer for the question how contagion is ho be to be healed or treated. Download walking dead season 7 and find out what the characters have to understand how much can people be cruel during these dark times. The infected seem to surround them from everywhere, so a group gets in the federal prison building where there already are people who avoided the infection.

In walking dead series former criminals are not glad to the newcomers. Constant violent conflicts arise between them, people are ready to kill each other, and presence of common enemy does not embarrass them at all. In the outer world the war between people and zombies proceeds, in former jail the leaders of different groups try to obtain a higher rank, take all power and run everyone around them. Series “The Walking Dead” will be with you during these harsh times

History and Development of Redwood Empire

The development of Redwood Empire Live Steamers Interactive Museum at Youth Community Park

 The Redwood Empire Live Steamers’ origins can be traced back to the Fall Meet of the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers in October 2002. A group of live steam enthusiasts with connections to the Sonoma County area discussed forming a new club to serve Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. A meeting was held the following week and the group has been meeting every month since then.

During 2003 and 2004 the group held presentations at various local events and collected over 2300 signatures of residents who would support the establishment of a local live steam rail track. After meeting with the Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks staff it was decided that such a project was feasible and The Redwood Empire Live Steamers’ Interactive Museum was incorporated as a 501(C)3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

On Father’s Day 2005 a demonstration run was held in Youth Community Park, using a portable track borrowed from Sacramento Valley Live Steamers and locomotives from the group’s members. A similar event was also held on Mother’s Day 2006.

In 2006 an initial survey of the Youth Community Park was completed. Funds were raised to purchase our own portable track and equipment and the City of Santa Rosa gave us permission to run our portable track on a regular basis.

Early 2007 we purchased materials to build riding cars and portable track, and began our regular public runs on the first weekend of each month from May until October. This schedule has been maintained every year since.

In 2008 we were able to purchase a diesel locomotive from another railroad and had it repainted in the North Western Pacific colors to reflect Santa Rosa’s railroading history. We also started building track panels for our permanent track and in December the Santa Rosa City Council unanimously approved our building of a permanent track in Youth Community Park. A 20’ demonstration section of track was installed for final approval from the Recreation and Parks Department, which was obtained in September 2009.

September 2008 was also our first participation in the Train Fair at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. This has been an outstanding success every year since then, both for us, the show organizers and the thousands of riders who support us.

Installation of the permanent track began in the fall of 2009 around the periphery of the lawn area in the park. This track was used for the 2010 season, running point to point. On August 28th. 2010 this loop, running all around the lawn, was completed and our Labor Day weekend run was able to offer continuous running for the first time on the permanent track.

2011 saw the installation of a passing lane in the station and a storage container to hold our equipment. Over the 2011/12 fall/winter we added a siding running into the container and a loading ramp to the car park area, to allow easier access for members’ locomotives. All of this currently installed track is shown in red on the aerial photograph. Its total length is 1243 feet.

For 2013 we are working on installing a Y in the undeveloped area north of the skate park to allow us to reverse the direction of trains. This section will then run over to Fulton Road and return to the northeast corner of the present loop. So far we have installed the three switches and next need to install the sidewalk crossings.  This plan is shown in yellow on the photograph and will bring the total track length to 2378 feet.

In the future we expect to add passing lanes in this area plus a crossover to enable us to run figure of 8 routes. Plans for this will be put on line shortly.

Come check out our progress and any offers of physical or financial support will be gratefully welcomed.TV