My choice of the most ambiguous films at the Cannes film festival


Putting the drama “Mustang”, directed by Deniz gamze Erguven made his first English-language project, which may be in competition. In the spring of 1991, four police officers beat a black taxi driver. The court was long, but in the end the cops were acquitted, which caused riots on the streets of Los Angeles. Daniel Craig played one of the few white residents of South Central, to help a black woman (Halle berry) to save a group of children.

Mektoub is Mektoub

After the triumph of the drama “Life Adele” Abdelatif Keshish long time pondering about the next project, but eventually settled on the story of the writer Amin. He comes from Paris to his hometown on the coast, where he spent time with childhood friends. One of my friends introduces amine with a producer who is ready to Finance his first picture. But by this time, the hero manages to make mistakes and faces a difficult choice.


Wonderstruck movie picture
1927. Deaf girl goes in search of his idol, the actress Lillian Mayhew. 50 years later, the boy runs away to new York to find the father. These seemingly unrelated stories tells in his multi-page book, Brian Selznick. His work with Martin Scorsese shot “Hugo”. The film stars Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore, and according to the book a secret, there must be mind-blowing visuals. Director Todd Haynes, whose “Carol” was shown in Cannes two years ago.

Mary Shelley

Director Haifa al-Mansur originally from Saudi Arabia, where she shot her first feature film “Wadjda” — a touching story about a girl dreaming of a green Bicycle. The West is always interested in fresh blood, and al-Mansur took a drama about the writer Mary Shelley (El fanning), who falls in love with a poet and wrote a story about a brilliant scientist and created a monster.


A variation on the theme “the girl and the beast” from Korean PON Joon-Ho, known for the film “Through the snow”, “Mother” and “Invasion of a dinosaur”. Mi-ja lives in the mountains. Her best friend Occa, huge and shy animal. But when he is kidnapped Mi-ja embarks on a quest. The film stars Ahn So-Hyun, Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul dano and Lily Collins.

The Square

In 2014 Lenta “Force majeure” has inflicted on the world art map new name: Ruben Östlund. A film about avalanches received the prize of the jury of UN certain regard, so that a Swede can be expected in the main competition. “Area” is the debut Estlund in the English-language movie. Artist wall space in the square of a European city, so people could share common interests. That installation was successful, hired professionals, but as a result of their work to the area involved is another consideration. The film employed Dominic West and Elizabeth moss.