Review of 1 episode of Season 7 “Games of Thrones”

game of thrones

Well, fans of the “Game of Thrones“, waited for the main event for you this year’s teleseason? Seventh season, probably the most popular television series, started. And, I want to note, the first series was quite informative. Well, in terms of quite accurately marked the main characters and the main plot lines of the season. What did you show us in the string?

If you have not watched this series yet and are going to do it later, immediately close this page and do not read further – this post will be for you a continuous spoiler

Well, for the rest – we’ll start

season 7 of game of thrones

If you do not pay attention to the intro of the Television Show, which is that the type of slicing the most important moments of past seasons apparently necessary for understanding what we will be shown in this (that can be downloaded from TellySeries.Me site) , the season begins with the beheading of Gemini – Arya did not stop the murder of Walder Frey, the free multifaceted sent the entire elite of the lord Crossings

Bran and Mira get to the Wall, where they rejoice Sad Ed because the Walkers follow them, the composition of which was strengthened by giants (I do not remember whether they were in the walkers in previous seasons)

John Snow, proclaimed King of the North, gathers an army to protect himself from the Walkers and calls on everyone to look for dragon glass (the only material other than Valerian steel deficiency that can kill the Walkers). Well, there is a noticeable conflict between John and Sansa (to the pleasure of Mizinets)

Cersei is looking for allies to fight with all who do not want to become her banner. And finds them in the face of Euron Greyjoy with his armada

In the Royal Harbor, Arya goes (guess for what)

Tv show game of thrones

The dog Kligan (becoming more and more positive from season to season) and the Brotherhood without Banners go to the side of the Wall, seeing this as their destination.

Sam finds infu about the deposits of dragon glass (where would you think?) On the Dragonstone (as unexpectedly!). And he’s going to inform John about it.

That’s just exactly where it arrives on the ships of the rebellious Greyjoys Deeneris Targarien with their Dothraki and flawless (with the support of heavy aviation)

Well, in principle, that’s all. Judging by the fact that this season is shorter than the previous ones, the action and action will not wait long

Well, what will we see in the second series. This can be assumed by analyzing the promo at the end

Arya will meet her beloved dog Nemyria (a good union is planned – an adult falcon and a ruthless Faceless). John is going to the Deyneris for obsidian, leaving Sanza alone with Little Pink. Cersei compares the same Deyneris to the Mad King, telling her few supporters that she is capable of destroying the kingdom. On the military council of the Mother of Dragons, Yar demands an immediate attack on the Royal Harbor. So the sea battle between Greyjoys is not far off