TV series 2016

The series Blood Drive is designed for motorists and simply those who admire speed. It will tell you about one of the police officers from Los Angeles who decides to take part in a deadly race on a car. Speedway lies across the continent. Competition is very large and decent. There are a lot of old-timers who have already had an occasion to take part in such races. Syfy channel has decided not to produce a pilot series and not expect statistics on the popularity, and it is right, because the series Blood Drive has already attracted a fairly attention and interest from the viewers.

Westworld is an incredibly exciting fantasy series, the producers of which are Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. It is a modern remake of the eponymous film “Western world”, authored by Michael Crichton in far 1973.
Events are taking place in the future in a strange and mysterious amusement park. The essence of this park is that every visitor can go to any of the selected times and to be there without endangering one’s own life. The main characters have decided to enjoy all the delights of the Wild West. As practice shows, the machine can break. The computer program malfunctioned and everything went out of control, robots are attacking the peaceful visitors who were trapped. Will they be able to escape from the terrible attraction alive? You will certainly be able to find the answer by watching the series “Westworld”.

The Walking Dead Season 7

The-Walking-Dead-Season-7-croppedIn “The Walking Dead” season 7 former constabulary Rick Grimes awakened in a brand new world, where zombies walk in the streets of his town. A man succeeded not only in finding his family but in gathering the whole group of survivors. Together they fight against monsters and try to get alive for the next day. The whole world is in panic and despairation. Some of the people manage to restrain their fear and to continue their way. The others give up and become zombie captives. An infection spreads through blood, one bite is enough for being infected very rapidly. And nobody answer for the question how contagion is ho be to be healed or treated. Download walking dead season 7 and find out what the characters have to understand how much can people be cruel during these dark times. The infected seem to surround them from everywhere, so a group gets in the federal prison building where there already are people who avoided the infection.

In walking dead series former criminals are not glad to the newcomers. Constant violent conflicts arise between them, people are ready to kill each other, and presence of common enemy does not embarrass them at all. In the outer world the war between people and zombies proceeds, in former jail the leaders of different groups try to obtain a higher rank, take all power and run everyone around them. Series “The Walking Dead” will be with you during these harsh times